For over thirty years, Potland Oregon's favorite recreational substances themed jamband tWicEbakED can be enjoyed at Hempfests, 4/20 celebrations, and any other festival or party that is all about the kind of fun now legal in the Great Pacific Northwest.
Playing an eclectic cornucopia of original spacy tunes and "blunt" humor, the musicians of tWicEbakED hail from diverse genres to meld a wide range of styles such as rock, jazz, reggae, blues, country, etc. into a unique, cohesive sound that can be difficult to collectively categorize, but is enjoyable for fans of any type of music.

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    Stay Home

    Potland, OR

    We take the winter off during cold and flu season, because folks tend to kiss the same pipe or joint, then dance and breathe heavily on each other in an enclosed bar.
    We like you too much to let you get sick for us, and it looks like this year's contagion season is lasting much longer than usual so we ain't gathering people together right now.
    Wash your hands (and that filthy bong), and we'll see you when it's safe out there!


Recent Setlists

* = first time played live
  • music theme
    10-19-2019 BRACTOBERFEST
    West Linn, OR

    Sunshine of Your Love# > Eat Me, Kinds, Big Fat Bowl > Acid Hombre > Wurm* (with narration) > Acid Hombre > Medication, Notion, TV Head, A Song About Weed, Fuckin' Cops, A Fifth of Beethoven, Because I Got High, Fluffhead > Piper*, Ride the Mighty High*, Dank Circus, SPDB, Beer^
    ^ = with Ninja Hippie
    # = first SOYL in over ten years

  • music theme
    9-7-2019 SQUIDSTOCK
    Shelton, WA

    Weed Makes You Smell Good, Thank You Colorado and Washington^, I Felt Like A Joint^, Squidstock Rock, Best Friend > The Scraping Song > One in a Million# > TV Head the Chicken > Eat Me, Cold Gin* >Acid Hombre% > Your Beautiful Soul > Giant Flying Eyeball, Living in a Mushroom
    ^ = with the T.H.C. (Caroline, Karen, Danny, Danae)
    # = with balcony solo
    % = first ever Acid Hombre narration

  • music theme
    Shelton, WA

    Ol' Blue, Disco Dog, Notion, Feeling Fine, Tripping the Lights Fantastic, Big Fat Bowl^, Medication^, Fuckin' Cops*^, Kush Cream*^, A Fifth of Beethoven
    ^ = with the T.H.C. (Caroline, Karen, Kirk, Danny, Danae, Sid) $ = Kirk on lead vocal

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