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FOR TWENTY-six years, Potland Oregon's favorite recreational substances themed jamband tWicEbakED can be enjoyed at Hempfests, 4/20 celebrations, and any other festival or party that is all about the kind of fun now legal in the Great Pacific Northwest.
Playing an eclectic cornucopia of original spacy tunes and "blunt" humor, the musicians of tWicEbakED hail from diverse genres to meld a wide range of styles such as rock, jazz, reggae, blues, country, and metal into a unique, cohesive sound that can be difficult to collectively categorize, but is enjoyable for fans of any type of music.


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    Shelton, WA

    It's back! Private event. tWicEbakED plays Saturday

    SaturdaySept 9-11

Recent Setlists

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    8/14/15 Rainforest Run
    Cycle Camp, Forks WA

    Good Buds, Notion, Best Friend, Ol' Blue > Low Rider > Ol' Blue, Big Fat Bowl, LY10 UP, Feeling Fine, Plucking Buds, Thank You Colorado and Washington, Cash or Kind, Bonghits for Jesus, A Song About Weed, Fabulous Plant, My Weed Ain't Got No Name, Rastafari Safari > Camping, Kinds, Giant Flying Eyeball, 151
    Encore: Medication, Light Up A Fatty

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    8/1/15 Tripping the Lights Fantastic
    Skokomish Grange, Shelton WA

    Best Friend > Light up a Fatty, Big Fat Bowl#, Medication#, Thank You Colorado and Washington#, Kinds, Hash Oil, My Weed Ain't Got No Name, Tripping the Lights Fantastic*, Plucking Buds, Makisupa Policeman
    # = With the Twice Higher Choir: Carolyn, Karen, Kirk, Mary, Sid

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    7/18/15 Summer Sunfest
    Sherwood, OR

    A Song About Weed, Not Fade Away > Drums > Good Buds, TV Head the Chicken > Eat Me, Hash Oil, Living in a Mushroom, Big Fat Bowl > Acid Hombre > Giant Flying Eyeball, Kinds, Plucking Buds, Cash or Kind

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    7/8/15 Oregon Country Fair
    Elmira, OR

    Ol' Blue, Bonghits for Jesus, My Weed Aint Got No Name, Thank You Colorado and Washington, Plucking Buds, Best Friend > Light Up a Fatty, Hard, Fabulous Plant, Rastafari Safari > Camping, Notion, Kinds

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    6/20/15 Everything's Legal Party
    Kalama, WA

    Set 1: Notion, Thank You Colorado and Washington, Light Up A Fatty, Cash or Kind, Fabulous Plant, Best Friend > Scraping Song > Hard, Feeling Fine, Hash Oil*, My Weed Aint Got No Name*, Plucking Buds, Giant Flying Eyeball
    Set 2: Eat Me, Ol' Blue > Kinds, Living in a Mushroom > Acid Hombre > Rastafari Safari > Camping, Bonghits for Jesus > Personal Jesus*, Big Fat Bowl, A Song About Weed, 151

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